Bumpers Massage Flip-Flops for Men Anti Slipping & Comfortable Eco Friendly Sandals Black is Back ESRCDLMDV

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LOOK & FEEL – Unisex Bumpers sandals are colorful, well design flip flops that will give your feet support, style, and a foot massage all at the same time! These flip flops will adapt your unique foot print after wearing and will give a full arch support to any type of feet. Our flip flops are light-weight with super durable straps and anti-slipping sole. BUMPERS EFFECT - Not another boring commercial set. Bumpers massage flip flops are designed by a professional team - with small, soft bumps on the insole offering an energizing acupressure effect to feet and legs while in walking. Wearing Bumpers improves blood circulation in legs and feet, helps to reduce pain from SORE FEET and legs due to various conditions, reduces swelling in legs and ankles and boosts your foot’s energy with every step! Highly recommend as recovery flipflops for Athletes BUMPERS & THE NATURE - Bumpers flip flops are made from natural rubber, recycled rubber and made in a ZERO WASTED process. Made with vegan, non-toxic materials. MULTI PURPOSED & SIZE VARIETY - Use our flip flops for beach travel, pool relaxation and any daily use you need. Just choose the size you need - Large range of SIZES – Women and Youth--USA size 5 to10 and EUR 35 to 42 (www..com/dp/B01IDP7D6C ); Men: USA size 8 to 13-1/2 and EUR 41 to 48 (https://www..com/dp/B07CG69WW8); Children: USA size 6 to 1 and EUR 23 to 33 (https://www..com/dp/B01J66J53Q ). NO SURE BUMPERS GOOD FOR YOU PLEASE TRY! - We are so confident of the premium quality of our product that we are willing to refund you ANYTIME if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Don’t buy another cheaply made pair of flip flops, Enjoy the comfort that you deserve!

Premium Quality Message Flip Flops-Walk Differently!

Your Legs are important to us! Between home, work, kids, and daily tasks you're under a lot of pressure.

What better way to stay on top of everything than a set of new message flip flops Bumpers are designed with a soft layer of tiny bumps on the insole to give an invigorating massaging effect to your foot, ankle and calf muscles as you walk

Searching for an Original Gift that will Thrill Your Friends Giving Them the Chance to Be Stylish and At The Same Time Safe and Comfortable!

If So, You Should Look No Further!

Bumpers have Walked that Extra Mile to Make Sure Your Flip Flops are Made From The Best Quality On The Market!

Say Hello To Our New Flip Flops! Take Your Daily Style To A Whole New Level!

Why Live in a Boring Environment, When You Can Add THAT Colorful Touch That Will Make You Look Brighter, More Vibrant and Cheerful

Innovative Sandals Design

Bumpers Are The Flip Flops that Give Your Feet Support, Style And A Foot Massage All At The Same Time!

Bumpers flip-flops are not only good for you, they are also good for the earth. They are made from natural and recycled materials ONLY, NOT with polyurethane resin--which stuffs landfills! With special consideration to green living, Bumpers are created with a combination of EVA* and recycled rubber. Rubber scraps are sent to a wonderfully caring rubber recycling plant and recycled for re-use in Bumpers products. Our flip-flops are made with very high standards for your comfort, safety, and fashion sense!!

;Sturdy & Durable

No more scrunching up your toes to keep the flip-flops in place!

We use only the best materials - EVA is an elastomeric polymer that makes materials "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. It has stress-crack resistance, waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation.

Bumpers Massage Flip-Flops for Men Anti Slipping & Comfortable Eco Friendly Sandals Black is Back ESRCDLMDV

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